One of the best PVC stabilizer manufacturers I have come across in India where quality along with consistency is offered at very genuine prices. They have the complete range of chemicals required in the PVC line and their service is commendable. If you are looking for a supplier for PVC pipes, I would definitely recommend them to you.

– Bhupinder singh, Diplast

Their housing projects are so amazing and affordable at the same time. I bought a flat for me and my family on Chandigarh road. We have been living there since 4 years now and are so content with the property as well as the locality and the services. They did not compromise anywhere on the quality of the construction materials as well as the furniture unlike other realtors. Definitely one of the most trustworthy realtors ive ever come across.

– Abhishek kansal, Chandigarh

PVC resin, Stearic acid, Paraffin wax, Calcium Stearate, Stabilizers

We are a one stop PVC chemicals and stabilizers manufacturing facility.

Why Us?

Stringent quality controls from prototyping to bulk chemical manufacturing are maintained. AQL standards are set by our buyers and we work hard to achieve the same.


28yrs+ of PVC line as well as construction experience gives us an extra edge in the market making us quite capable enough of advising technical suggestions that help buyers in improving their products according to the product they are manufacturing.


Timely delivery of the goods, after sales service, constant technical support are just some of the services that our clients enjoy from our end.

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